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Here at Distinctive Garden we offer a wide and vast selection of Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables & Herbs, Shrubs, and Trees. 

Many times it is easier to go into a landscaping project knowing what you are looking for! Below you will find different pages for often sought after plant material. 

 Button Deer Resistant Plants






I need.... We have....
A fast growing privacy screening.

Emerald Green Arborvitaes

Green Giant Arborviteas

A hardy evergreen specimen tree.

Spruces!  Norway, Serbian, and Colorado are beautiful, hardy, evergreen trees each with a unique trait!
For dwarf varieties try Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

An evergreen flowering shrub for part sun/part shade. Pieris Japonica in a variety of colors and sizes!
A deciduous shrub that just keeps blooming.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas & All Summer Beauty bloom the entire season on both old & new wood!
Oso Easy Roses keep blooming in the sun!

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Save the Bees!
Bee population is on the decline!  You might not know how much we rely on these yellow and black bugs.  Bees pollinate many of the fruits and veggies that we eat every day.  Bees are also very important to a wide variety of animals and birds that feed on bee-pollinated plants.
Ways to help Save the Bees This Spring:
#1) Plant Bee Attracting Annuals & Perennials in your landscape.
One of the easiest ways to do this is by planting Save The Bees Flower Seed Mix by Botanical Interest Seeds. This beautiful mix of fragrant annuals, herbs, and perennials covers up to
225 sq ft and provides food for honeybees.

#2.) Plant Native Flowering Plants

Bees are more attracted to plants that they are familiar with.  Adding some native blooming plants in with your existing landscape will help attract more.
#3) Place a Bee Home in your Garden.

#4) Use Organic Potting Soils and Non-Toxic Pest Controls
in your landscape.

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