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Quality Mulches for your Plants & Landscaping



At Distinctive Gardens we carry a great many types
of mulch so that you can choose the mulch that is right for you.

A quality mulch performs many beneficial function for your plants and landscape.

A properly applied mulch will:

  •  Protect the roots from sudden temperature changes all year long and heaving in the winter.
  •  Protect the roots from sudden temperature changes all year long and heaving in the winter.
  •  Reduces the watering needs of your plants by reducing evaporation.
  •  Reduces weed growth by preventing the germination of some weed seeds and smothering others.
  •  Organic mulches gradually decompose and work their way into the soil improving the soil quality.
  •  Prevent soil from splashing up against the siding of the house.
  •  Add color, beauty, texture and continuity to your landscape.

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How Much Mulch Do I Need?:

Short cut... For a quick estimate one cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet 3" thick!

Most mulches should be applied at about 3" thick. To determine how much mulch to buy multiply the length and width in feet of the area you want to mulch and multiple that by .25 (3"=.25'). This will give you the quantity in cubic feet. If buying our mulch in bags divide this number by 2 (most of our bags came in the 2 cubic foot size.)

Example: You have a bed that is 40' long, 3' wide and you want to apply 3" of bagged mulch.

40' x 3' =120 square feet.

120 square feet x .25' = 30 cubic feet

30 cubic feet divided by 2 cubic feet per bag = 15 bags

When buying our mulch in bulk take the length x width in feet x .25 to determine the cubic feet and divide this number by 27 (there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard) and bulk mulch which can be picked up at our store or delivered to you by us is always sold by the cubic yard.

Example: You have a bed that is 60' long, 9' wide and you want to apply 3" of mulch.

60' x 9' = 540 square feet

540 square feet x .25 ft. = 135 cubic feet

135 cubic feet divided by 27 cubic feet per yard = 5 cubic yards

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