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Add some MAGIC to your Landscape:

Fairy Gardens & Miniature Gardens are continuing to grow in their popularity for many different reasons.
#1.) They are adorable. Honestly, tiny plants with tiny accessories just make us smile.
#2.) They are easy to maintain.
#3.) It is a fantastic activity to do with your kids.

And especially...
#4.) Everyone has space for a
Fairy Garden!

Here at Distinctive Gardens we also offer Fairy Garden Seminars!  Both children & adults are welcome to join us in creating their own Fairy Garden to take home and enjoy!
Please call us for more information.


Which Fairy Garden is Right For You?

Outdoor In-Ground
A Specific Area put aside in your landscape to plant miniatures
and add accessories.

Outdoor Planter
A Pot that is kept outside all winter.  If planting tropical miniature plants you'll want to stay lighter with your pot so you can move your Fairy Garden inside during the colder months. 

Indoor Planter
A Pot that is kept inside year round.  Make sure you have a sunny area for your planter.  Many times Terrarium Planters can be used for Indoor Fairy Gardens. 

Indoor Artificial Planter
A pot that you can place absolutely anywhere because nothing is alive!  Perfect for office usage, dark spots, desk, and anywhere else that needs some Fairy Magic! 

Which type of plants should you use?

Here at Distinctive Gardens we carry many different plant varieties for your Fairy Gardens

Miniature Evergreens:
These are incredibly slow growing and miniature varieties of plants that you might be familiar with, such as:
They grow at an incredibly slow speed and
can be kept pruned easily.

Miniature Perennials:
These plants stay small and most varieties bloom.
Although most of these plants will die down in the winter, they offer a wider variety of colors, textures, and scents.
Children really love this option!

Moss is an absolute favorite for fairy gardens!

Miniature Ferns, Foliage Plants,
Cacti, and Succulents.

These tropical minis are perfect for indoor Fairy Gardens & Terrariums.  They like it warm and will do very well in a windowsill.  They grow slowly and stay small.

Miniature Annuals & Herbs:
These variety of plants will give you the most blooms and variety throughout one year.  This option will be for the Fairy Garden enthusiast who likes to change their plants.

Fairy Accessories

Once you have your fairy garden plants picked out, it's time to start the real fun: ACCESSORIES!
We have so many options for decorating your fairy gardens, including seasonal decor for Holidays!

Here are just a few wonderful Mini accessories to add, but to see more you have to stop down!


Finished Fairy Gardens

We would love to see how your Mini Garden turned out! 
Send us your pictures to
And you will be featured on the site!

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