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We carry a large selection of birding products all year round.  From feeders, bird baths, houses, boxes, seed, suet, and cleaners.  
Everything you need to make your feathered friends happy!

Bird Seed

Aspen Song
Bird Seed Blends

Ultimate Blend
 Attracts a Variety
of Songbirds

Contains Over 60% Sunflowers
& Nut Meats
For Those Who Prefer No Corn
100% Premium Ingredients
No Filler Seeds

Premium Blend
Attracts a Variety
of Songbirds

Contains Over 50% Sunflowers & Nut Meats
12 Premium Quality Ingredients
No Filler Seeds

Select Blend
Attracts a Variety of Colorful Songbirds
A High Energy Mix of
Unique Ingredients
Generous Percents of Sunflowers and Pistachios
An alternative to Suet
Over 80% Sunflowers & Nuts
Fruits Included
 No Filler Seeds

Cardinal Blend
 Attracts Cardinals, Grosbeaks,
Blue Jays & More

For the Large Billed Birds
50% Sunflower Seed
Enjoy Cardinals & Grosbeaks Up Close
Premium Seeds Only

Nut & Fruit
Woodpecker Blend

Attracts Woodpeckers,
Sapsuckers, & More.

An alternative to Suet
Over 80% Sunflowers & Nuts
Fruits Included

 Just Desserts
100% Food!
No Waste
No Germination
No Hulls!

Value Blend
 Attracts Juncos, Doves,
Sparrows & More

Ideal for Ground Feeding Birds
Low Cost Mix

Coming Spring 2017:

Other Bird Seed Available:

Feed year round.
Only $0.99 each!
Wild Delight Bird Blocks
 Feed Year round with
or without feeder.

Nutsie Seed Logs
 Feed Year round.

Thistle/Niger Seed
 Feed Year Round!
Attracts American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, House Finch, Pine Siskin, and Common Redpoll.
Requires a Thistle Feeder.
Sold by the pound.
Sunflower Seed-Black Oil
 Feed Year Round!
Attracts all birds.

Sunflower Hearts

 Feed Year Round!
 No Shell!
Attracts all birds.
Sold by the pound.

 Feed Year Round!
 High Energy Source For Winter Birds.
Squirrels don't like the taste!
Sold by the pound.

Golden Safflower

More nutrition!

Bird Feeders & Homes

Here at Distinctive Gardens we carry one of the largest selections of bird feeders & houses in the Delaware Valley.  From Hummingbirds to Finch to Woodpecker!  We have it all, including feeders for those pesky squirrels.   Not only do we have a large variety, but all Bird Feeders and Houses are always
25% OFF!
Some of our products are listed below, however we carry much more.  New styles and varieties arrive daily.

Squirrel & Critter Resistant Feeders

Squirrel X
Squirrel Buster
Audubon Absolute
& Mini Absolute

Caged Feeders

...and there's more! Stop down to see!
Tips for keeping Critters off your feeders:
Add a baffle to your feeder or pole.

Add Squirrel Away to your seed for hot pepper flavor that bothers the squirrels but not the birds.

Bird Baths

Bird Baths come in a variety of materials and styles.

Terra Cotta

Tops & Bottoms come separately for easy replacement.



Custom pieces available for order.


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